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REAL TALK: Simple.

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REAL TALK: Beyond my means, by any means

Even if something is accelerating, and on fire, it doesn’t mean it’s heading in the right direction. Actually, very often, something that’s on fire, and accelerating, really isn’t headed in the right direction—at all. For it is plummeting.

Oh the blazing meteors of mediocrity. Sigh.

Back to the ground—grounded.

For one, don’t ever be too quick to pedal to a place where you find yourself peddling.

Asking for help is far different than asking for a hand out.

And when you get there, if you do, trust me, it’s not that deep—or that shallow. Ever. Everything has a fixed depth.

And a fixed worth. And a path to ascension.


To hear myself, I have to hold my breath under water.

If you’ve once truly loved someone, you will always be protective of them. Even if—and I find this most interesting—you now protect yourself from that person whom you once shared love.

Hands tied like laces, heart worn and leaned—like sneaker soles.

But having territory is mandatory.

Even the most decadent, multi-flavored, fantastically-packaged, marketed, and tastefully engineered cereal—is serial.

Oh, how those tan lines dance in the annuls of my summer memoirs.

Know the ledge. Knowledge.

Within the confines of your own boundaries, you can do exactly double what you’re currently doing. If you turn a jacket inside out, and expose the lining, it’s still the same jacket—just reversed. Navy on one side, gold buttons. Red floral on the other, contrast stitching.


If you’re always trying to get shiny dimes, be prepared to be nickled—and, well, dimed.

And a 10 is only a tenth of keeping it 100.

A fraction of what I’m asking.

Real talk: my man: you won’t be the last one to love her.

Seeing things in black and white means that you’ve exercised intentionality in silencing the other flashes of color.

And like that, the rest is gone in a flash.

A chip off the old block is still but a fragment of the originator.

When your heart is catching up to your brain—which is catching up with tired.

Loving someone unconditionally is a condition. Good and bad.

Passion is the intersection between an ability and a dream.

I don’t forgive as much as I try and forget.

Being lost vs. waiting to be found.

Beyond my means by any means.

My reference set could be the set—for your set of references.

Every street runs into another.

Only one mother.

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REAL TALK: Tumbl(r) Dry

A wormhole to desire.

So this is what it feels like. Ok, thanks for the update.

The want, the want not, the apology, the interim to never again.

And beyond. Wow, that’s a long way down.

But, can we pretend?

Hi Victoria. I know several of your secrets.

I have several bags. Far too many. A big green one, fully waterproofed, LL Bean. Then a blue one for my laptop: blue ballistic nylon and black neoprene: for expansion, Head Porter. And many smaller, one for my camera, one for business cards, one for pens and pencils—another a random catch-all, perhaps for a passport. Some might say, “hey you have a lot of bags.” On the other hand, I think, “I just need protection, with every layer.” Sure that might seem OCD. However, as I look at it, I just have a high probability of getting dirty. Too late when you’re caught in crossfire.

We are all on “borrowed time.” How long would you like to extend your stay?

Mix me into a blender with seersucker, a submariner, a gray tee, white chucks, camo cargo pants, a denim jacket, and a black scarf—with white polka dots—plus some errant skulls, and an iPhone: you’d more or less have me. Just transport, the contents, in something black. And industrial. Just trying to be appropriate.

Always. A. Little. Off. Beat.

Staring is caring.

Mixed media has media—all mixed. Concentration is impossible. Distraction is the new focus.

Fewer walls, more windows. Please.

Can you please move? I’m trying to see. And you’re just looking.

After all, if it’s not battered, it’s frayed. Well, at the very least, very worked out.

But not tired.

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REAL TALK: We don’t kill time, we murder it.

For me, its more like “Them Weekly.” That usage of “US” is far too presumptuous.

How soon is then? We’re never there, actually, we’re always here.

Flash. Photo. Record. Post. Comment. React. Repeat.


Flying first class is pretty comfortable. Yes, you get to skip the ticket lines at the airport, get free champagne (lots), and your seat reclines like a bed. But, you feel the same turbulence as everyone else—and your baggage comes to you on the same carousel.

Classism is just that: a construct of thought predicated on manufactured superiority.

Supremacy =  preSumacy

Change your ways—while you’re young. Also, Smile—like you mean it.

Engineered authenticity vs. Original Fake = Semantics Matter.

Courage lives beyond time stamps. Championship rings are only relevant until the next whistle blows.

Call shots.

Yes, I’d love to work for you. And half up front is the only way this works. We are meeting in the middle, right?

Do you live for a photo op, or for the opportunity to take a photo?

My dad used to tell me that he saw the world as a big picture “filled with shapes.” So strange: I see the world the same now as well. In this way, I think that perception can be genetic. Well, maybe more a part of who we are than we know. After all, we have souls, right?

Colors run deep, many which we never show to the light of day. After all, our blood is really blue—so we think.

And yes, we all bleed the same. Illegal to Regal.

Create something. Then you’ll have something to stand up for. Conversely, you’ll have something that can stand up for you—when you can’t talk, or aren’t around.

Don’t watch me and don’t watch TV.

You are the company that you keep.

Love and hate. Hate and love. Love to hate. Hate to love. Love. Hate. Late.

Cat and mouse sounds a lot different when it’s rat and kitten.

And yes, I missed you too. Badly.

No ceilings.


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REAL TALK: Vroom, Soon.

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REAL TALK: Cause and Effect

I’ve just been too busy recently to take things too seriously. Little time for rumination. However, as for being too serious, well, that’s not just of recent.

It’s interesting. Several of my friends have turned their profile images on a variety of digital platforms to an all-black color block. I, on the other hand, want to turn my apartment all white. Maybe we’re speaking the same language—absolute zero can be expressed in a variety of colors I suppose.

Moods are often best-expressed in color.

It’s interesting how life churns in a cyclical current of cause and effect. When money goes out, money comes in. If you extend your hand, you will get one in return. If you turn your back to someone, they will walk away too. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we inch ahead a little too.

I hate running in circles.

If you’re at a job that you hate, get up and leave. You’re likely unhappy where you are and will never be promoted because, well, after all, your performance probably sucks at that job because you don’t care about what you’re doing.

So why are you there? Still?

If you are willing to do something for free, you must really love it. Now what if you worked hard enough at it to make money doing it?

It is never too late. Don’t wait until you literally have no time left.

If you decide to work for yourself, and you’re broke or unhappy, it’s your own fault. You manifest your own destiny. Deal with it. If you’re reading this, you have a web connection. ANYTHING is possible.

Being “in debt” vs. being “highly leveraged.” It’s interesting how life is often a matter of semantics.


I really appreciate hand-written notes. I’ve recently received several. My handwriting, on the other hand, is barely readable enough for addressing envelopes.

Something tells me I need to step my game up.

Introducing two friends of yours whom you consider to be entirely too talented has to be one of the most exhilarating experiences in life.

Please keep me looped in.

Seeing is not believing. Not for me. Believing, on the other hand, can bring to life what can—and can’t—be seen. I’d rather feel than see.

Volcanoes are erupting. The world is shaking. Our planet is really not happy with us.

Once family, always family.

Even fool’s gold has luster. Just pay fair market value—always.

Get yours.

Saying no is more powerful than saying yes.

If someone gets over on you, they will get theirs. What goes up and over, must come down. And something might not brace their fall.

Recently, I’ve been trying really hard to speak extra kindly to people when I’m really frustrated. Sure, it’s partly passive-aggressive. I don’t know, I just want to get whatever is frustrating me—over with.

If I ask you “how have things been going” I’m asking you about your personal life, not about anything related to a 401K or bone-colored business card. Me, yes, I am asking you how YOU are.

If I actually apologized, I really meant it. If I have seen you, and you could have and didn’t, you haven’t—and you should.

Sometimes the only validation that you need is knowing—that they know. An then of course, knowing that they know, that you know too. Vindication, especially when the most personal, that’s shared in total privacy, can have the magnitude of a thousand screams.

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