Nike Sportswear has recently dropped a rather hilarious video with, ok I’ll say it, my favorite contemporary artist, Eric Elms. There is just something about Eric’s identity work and, most especially, his recent foray into sculpture that really speaks to my visual language (read: whatever that means). The Nike video has very little to do with Eric, other than his comedic timing, but it’s pretty funny and you need to check it here.

If you don’t know who Eric is, you’ve most likely seen his work before, many times over. Maybe you’re wearing it now…


Here are some examples of Eric’s recent sculptures. Stunning:

The Before


The After


Some more of “The After” for Nike at 255 Elizabeth…


Beyond checking Eric’s site, check his blog for Colette and Think-Silly too.

And this video interview about his solo show at Colette last year…


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