INSPIRATION: Phoenix, mes amis


Phoenix is a band that I was introduced to by my friend Sylvia Adams on a random afternoon drive in 2006. I have to admit that since first hearing Pheonix, I’ve been brutally addicted to them. I listen to a few of their tracks at least three times each, every week. I just can’t shake their appeal. Ok, maybe that’s five times each…


Last week…Phoenix played on SNL. It was like my hometown hero hitting a homerun for the Yankees; or like seeing DJ Neil Armstrong on Letterman last year. And I thought they were but only my secret obsession.

In any case, Phoenix are an amazing band from France…but they sing in English; yes, in English, even during the Bush era.

Please check them out. They are perfect for Sunday afternoons.

The band has a new album titled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix that drops on May 25, 2009. BUY IT.


Here’s the link to the band’s website.

Here’s a link to all of their other videos on YouTube.


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3 responses to “INSPIRATION: Phoenix, mes amis

  1. inspirationtimes

    C’est super, une tres bonne decouverte.

  2. Incredible sound. Good stuff.

  3. they’ve been one of my favorites for a while… check the new album from The Whitest Boy Alive… it’s also up there.

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